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General Information

Immerse yourself in a 7 day intensive training with coaches from THE OFFICIAL INTERMILAN soccer team. 

You will also get to experience first hand what it looks like coaching Bangor City FC, who are currently an undefeated 2nd division team.

Your experience ends with an Intermilan coaching certification to add to your resume. You also get the opportunity of teaming up with Inter Academy for future opportunities. Read below to learn more.

Coach Training & Certification Benefits

When  you take our coaching course you don’t only get the experience of learning from a professional coach but you also get the opportunity of continuing to collaborate with us in conjunction through our Inter Academy as a hired coach, chaperone or scout. Here is how:


Your  affiliated Inter Academy will need coaches for soccer events,  tournaments, workshops, seminars and as regular staff. These are all  opportunities to increase your income and connections. You may see  yourself as a part time coach but with more networking and exposure it  will be easier to land a full time job if that is in your trajectory. 


When the school you’re affiliated with puts on tournaments you have the  opportunity of joining them to represent Inter Milan and increase your  selection of good players in your player database. You can be a key player in the signing of a phenomenal player. You also have your own connections and if you see someone fit to be  connected to Inter Milan you can connect them through your affiliated  academy. 

Don’t  undermine this opportunity because in the sport world buying and  trading players is where the larger gains are. The more players you connect with, the more chance you have of assisting young soccer players  to rocket launch their career and possibly yours! 


Work  in conjunction with your affiliated academy and help them put up  tournaments. The financial agreements are on an individual basis but it  is our pleasure to let you know this is another avenue of income for you as a certified Inter Academy coach.


Inter Academy needs chaperones for the domestic and International trips they will be organizing and in those trips there are opportunities to  increase your network and experiences. There are two yearly trips to Inter Milan where you would get to meet the staff and players. You even get to  attend an Inter Milan soccer match! It is under the discretion of your  academy to select who their chaperones may be but the more you’re  connected with your school the more likely you will be selected for  these programs.

This is a great opportunity for you to be connected to an amazing organization. Intermilan is one of a kind and so are you, so don't give up this opportunity. Only 20 seats available!



SEPTEMBER 15th-24th







first come, first serve policy


Coaching Certification


Partial meals 

2-way Airport transport


Coach Training & Certification Deposit

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This initial deposit confirms your seat right away since it is a first come first serve policy. The remaining balance will be arranged through personal correspondence with our team. 

*Due to limited spacing any deposit given for this course is non-refundable

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